1)           Economic Equality

Our economy must be fair and equitable for all.  We will work to build a community where people come first, not profits, and the affluent are accountable for paying a fair share. We believe that all people should receive a dignified and sufficient living wage, that women should receive equal pay, and that all workers have the right to organize and negotiate collectively to better provide for themselves and their families.

2)           A Sustainable and Livable Environment

We need a livable planet and a livable local environment as well. We recognize that climate change is real and we are responsible for correcting the damage we have caused to our planet, our region, and our communities.  We will work to support policies that ensure a sustainable, healthy environment in which all people have access to safe food, safe drinking water, and clean air.

3)           Healthcare for All

Guaranteed healthcare for all is a cornerstone of social justice. We will support and advocate for the implementation of comprehensive, high-quality, universal healthcare at the local, state, and federal levels, and we will oppose policies that limit healthcare access for any particular groups or individuals.

4)           Better Housing and Development

We will work to ensure that everyone can obtain affordable and fully accessible housing, and will support policies for safe, temporary housing for anyone in need.  We will oppose development that profits a few at the expense of the many. We will support policies that place community needs for accessible transportation, green spaces, and convenient access to food, jobs, and healthcare, at the forefront of urban development.

5)           Policing and Criminal Justice Reform

There must be an end to mass incarceration and the routine criminalization of poverty. We will work to reform the criminal justice system by fighting for policies that ensure police are being held to the same legal standards as all citizens, with civilian oversight and accountability. We oppose the militarization of our police forces, “broken windows” policing, and the use of past criminal history to determine eligibility for jobs, housing, and other services.

6)           Inclusive and Accessible Education for All

Education teaches us about our past, informs our present, and creates our future.  We believe that public education should not be privatized, that all children and youth should be given access to equitable, positive, supportive educational environments that nurture their development, and that they should not suffer under the excessive burden of standardized assessments or punitive behavioral constraints.  We support free college opportunities for all, relief from student-loan debt, and the elimination of the student loan system.

7)           Election Reform

Wealth and status should not be allowed to influence democracy or the democratic process.  We oppose gerrymandering and voter suppression, and will work so that all people have an equal ability and right to participate in democratic processes at local, state, and federal levels.

8)           Ending the War on Black Lives

Black lives matter. There must be an end to the war against Black people. We will work to oppose any forms of systemic oppression, violence, racism, and injustices directed at Black lives in our community, region, and nation.

9)           Support for the LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ individuals and families should be embraced as full members of our community, with the same rights and opportunities to participate as everyone else.  We support the diversity of gender expression and will work to create a community that accepts and includes all people in whatever ways they self-identify.

10)       Welcoming Immigrants and Refugees

No person is illegal.  We will work to support the safety and well-being of immigrants and refugees, documented or otherwise, and promote policies and initiatives that ensure they are welcomed to participate fully in our community. We oppose bigotry, xenophobia, and Islamophobia, and any policies or actions that encourage them.

11)       Nurturing Children and Youth

The care and nurturing of children is a critical human need.  We will work to ensure that all children and youth have uncompromised access to good nutrition, healthcare, safe environments, opportunities for positive development and recreation, caring adults, and to have their voices heard.  We support programs and policies that ensure affordable, high-quality childcare for all.

12)       Equity for All

All people, regardless of ability, should have access to participate and have an equal voice in their community, receiving the same services, rights, and protections as everyone else.  All means all, without exception or qualification. We will work for policies that respect the rights of all people to be who they are, and to live their lives with dignity and acceptance.