About Us

Founded in 2016, ROCitizen is a grassroots, nonprofit organization committed to building a healthy, sustainable, and just community. We support candidates who share our vision for a more equitable Rochester and work to strengthen awareness for policies and programs that would benefit all members of our city, county, and state.

We are the Rochester chapter of NYPAN (New York Progressive Action Network) and a local affiliate of Our Revolution.






Guiding Principles

1 –   Building the world we want to see begins by acting locally.

2 –   We address the root causes of problems, not the surface symptoms.

3 –   We center the experiences of those most affected and make space for voices that have been marginalized or silenced.

4 –   Our disappointments pave the way for future successes. We learn and move forward.

5 –   We draw our strength from the well of compassion, not the pit of fear or anger.

6 –   We demand a world that recognizes the dignity, worth, and humanity of all people. This isn’t about right vs. left or us vs. them. This is about all of us.

7 –   We win by lifting people up and moving them to action, not by tearing them down.

8 –   We don’t move with the political winds. We make the winds.